A whole different ball game…

About two months ago I was speaking with a friend who planted a seed of thought in my head…about newborn photography. I have never really thought much about this style as it just had not really grabbed my interest…I assumed all of the shoots were full of cheesy poses and ugly headbands. Now, don’t get me wrong…I love a headband. My husband can attest to that, our daughter basically had a permanent indentation around her head for her first year of life…but I still didn’t “get” the posed newborn photography thing. Until I started doing some research that is.

I joined a few forumns and started researching the posing, props, studio lighting and backdrops I might need should I endeavor to tackle this new type of service. I don’t think it will ever be a main focus for my business or for my ‘artisitic outlet’ in general, but I decided that should not be because I just hadn’t tried it before. Ummm…wow. SO hard. SO different then what I “do” normally for a shoot…and SO much time. Time posing, time shushing back to sleep, time changing, time to feed…over 3 hours to shoot and then the editing…ahhhhh the editing…these little humans, while gorgeous…come with a myriad of editing woes…lots of blemishes, reddish skin, flaking and things like that need to be ‘fixed’ before the images are ready…so I have a new appreciation for anyone who does newborns regularly!

This is the very first attempt at this, so I hope to improve in just about every way, but I am very pleased with the results…and I got to get to know an absolutely wonderful family in the process. Welcome to this little princess…she was just the sweetest and is already the apple of her family’s eye! xxhdlk