Our Trip to Vietnam

Over the fourth of July my fabulous fiance and I hopped over to Vietnam for a weekend get-a-way. We’re gearing up for a very hectic fall, with the wedding and a few trips to prepare for it coming up…so it was really nice to spend some time just strolling the city streets. After moving from NYC we were spoiled by the ease in which you can just walk out of your building and choose a direction…and go, end up at some quaint little restaurant or pub and see where the night takes you. Here in Manila, things are so different, in that we generally get fewer nights together, and those are subject to planning, a reservation and a driver.

Vietnam was different then I pictured. Aside from the obvious western influence and results of the city having to be basically re-built, I wasn’t expecting it to be so…clean. The streets surrounding our hotel were only littered with designer stores and fancy art galleries…so we kept walking, desperate to find something more authentic. A trip to a few local markets proved uneventful so we headed to the war museum (in Vietnam its referred to as the American War)…it was truly a sad but fitting way to spend the fourth of July…

The rest of the weekend we just wandered and gawked at the amount of scooters on the roads. We found a couple of great places to eat, and discovered Vietnamese coffee…my new obsession! Here are a few pictures from our trip…stay tuned…we’re headed to Finland tomorrow for our Engagement Party…pictures sure to follow! : )  xhd