…over the rainbow…

This past week I got a chance to do a shoot with a new friend, Sangeetha and her darling little one Arya. Little Arya and my daughter Aubrey are in the same playgroup so we have gotten to witness so many changes in them in a very short amount of time.

San explained the idea she had been working on (and let me tell you, she put plenty of work into this!)…to convey the idea behind a “Rainbow Baby”. I was not familiar with the term, so thankfully San was very open and willing to share her story.  San and her husband Nigel were some of the very brave and resilient parents who had previously experienced a miscarriage on their journey to welcoming little Arya into this world. A “Rainbow Baby” is one who arrives at the end of the storm of  loss, giving hope of better things to come. I was instantly touched by the idea, but also a bit hesitant about how to proceed, …I have a knack for saying the wrong thing sometimes…about just how much she would want revealed in a photo shoot and blog posting. Luckily San happens to be a beautiful writer and allows others to hear her story here which I am very thankful for having her blessing to share. Reading through her entries made me feel closer to this little baby Arya who had come to help begin the healing…and to San who seems to carry a silent strength I wouldn’t even begin to know how to muster. San also shared that both she and her mother are “Rainbow Babies” which of course added even more layers to the beauty of this idea. I don’t say this often, but I felt honored to help her capture some of the following moments to celebrate little Arya.

So, in honor of a tenacious and sweet baby Arya, a strong and enduring mother, Sangeetha and of course, in honor of Father’s Day yesterday….its my pleasure to share a few images from our shoot.