The Dutch Dolls

Valerie and Paul are the kind of couple you aspire to be. They are young, in love, great looking and interesting…but also generally the kind of people who bring the party with them…as in, it doesn’t seem to start until they arrive. We were lucky enough to meet them before we actually made the move to Manila, on our “Looksy” trip when we were deciding whether we could actually DO THIS, and move from New York City to Manila. The couple hosting us brought us to a birthday party of some of their friends and there we met Val & Paul…and since then we have been trying to conceal the fact that we are much less cool. Val and I were pregnant around the same time, so it was fun for me to have gotten to do this shoot and see how this whole family interacts. The dynamic between the children was amazing, each brother taking turns caring for the smaller…great, one more thing they do well…raise kids! xx hdlk