Bustling Streets….

I headed into Makati today for a shoot at the American Cemetery (I will post that later this week)…on the way home I stared out the window for the entire ride…no cell phone…no radio…just stared in silence. I thought about how quickly a year here in the Philippines has gone, how far away from my mother and family I am, how hard it is to talk to my friends, and how lucky I am to have found the man of my dreams. I realized how much of the scenery I had been looking at but not seeing, so I picked up my camera and started snapping…this street just caught my eye, it looked like something from another time…from some 1930′s picture book…

So much of this country is beautiful and so unfortunate at the same time, and I often have to remind myself to really look at the little things and take them in because we don’t have any clue how long we will live in this part of the world, and I want to be sure to remember as much as I can.