Come meet Molly

I met little Molly on her 7th day in the world. She is one of the first newborns I’ve ever held, so I had to buck up and pretend I knew I was doing when in reality I was a bit afraid she’d break the moment I touched her…but luckily for me, her mother Sarah assured me she was not, in fact, made of glass.

Aside from her proud parents, Miss Molly already has a bodyguard in the form of the family’s dog, Griswald…who carefully assessed me as I entered and made sure to chaperone any interaction with his little charge for the first hour of my visit. I can see why he was so protective, as she was about the most delicate little thing I’ve ever seen, but he was a good sport and allowed Mommy and I to move forward with our photos…and I’m glad because I’m so pleased with the results. xxhdlk