Cute Puppy Monday

Today I realized how very soon my new husband and I will be boarding a plane for our Honeymoon. We have only a few days before we head off, so I decided to take some of the day to pack, hoping to avoid my usual, throw-everything-in-a-bag-and-freak-out-that-nothing-works when its too late routine. My sweet little puppy-boy sat on the bed while I lay out clothes, determined to pack only a carry-on for fear of the constant baggage curse that seems to follow me. I began hemming and hawing over what will work for both the “exploration” trips in Cambodia and also the “relaxation” days in the Maldives…he carefully reviewed my selections and sniffed at each as I laid them down. Every few minutes he would look up at me and “give” me his paw…something not normally done unsolicited, so I picked him up, reassured him we were coming back and wiggled my finger right above his snout, then laid him back on the bed.

I walked into the dressing room to get another something or other that I wanted to pack, and when I came back in the bedroom he looked up, sniffed and turned his body and head away from me…I took this as a sure sign of disapproval, so I walked over to ‘apologize’ to him, except the little brat wouldn’t look at me! I said his name over and over, each time he only moved his head side to side as if he was trying to see the view I was blocking with my big human, honeymooning, deserting self…

I thought his little mug was so cute, so forlorn and bratty at the same time I wanted to take a picture to show my husband…and then I figured…why not post it, and in doing so I have decided to dedicate Mondays to little Jeter, and will be posting a new image of him each week to celebrate “Cute Puppy Monday” : ) I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and is ready for Valentines Day!