Simkins Family 2013

A while ago, I had the great pleasure of doing a shoot for my previous client, the Simkins family. They have been a staple of the Alabang scene for as long as I have been here, so I was gutted to learn this shoot was to commemorate their last moments in the Philippines before they packed up and headed out. They will be missed more then they know. I am a bit late in posting these, but we have been on a whirlwind European roadtrip for the past month plus so please excuse my delay.

The Simkins kids are the kind of children that make me think “ok, maybe I could have a few more”…they play together, laugh and get along and thats not just in front of company. I am always impressed when I am in their presence and of course, it makes photographing them a breeze : )

We used a familiar setting, their home, and I think we have both grown quite a bit since our previous shoot. I hope these images give you a glimpse into this beautiful family and that they are happily settled in but planning a visit back sometime soon!

x hdlk