The Babin Bunch

As the Christmas season is upon us I have been lucky enough to book family sessions with some great people here in Manila. I spent this past weekend hanging out at the Babin household getting to know the kids and watching them all together. This group has one of the most enviable qualities in a family…the ability to keep eachother laughing! I also love the fact that Fawn & Mike were high school sweethearts…and I’ve seen the 80′s prom picture to boot…best. thing. ever. : )

The highlights of the shoot were the stories their youngest, Collin (two L’s) regaled us with, and the Mandarin that the oldest, Michael, attempted to impart in what little space my brain has allocated for new languages…I THINK I now know how to say ‘Banana’ in Mandarin and ‘Apples’ in Tagalog!…We joked after the shoot that it felt more like catching up with old friends then work, and I have this great family to thank for that! xhd