Taipei for a bit…

My wonderful new Husband and I have decided to make 2012 “The Year of Fun” and to take advantage of living out in Asia as best as possible. We’ve lived in Manila for over a year and a half and have spent many a night talking about all of the nearby places we’d love to see. The perfect chance came when we decided to ‘get outta dodge’ before the holidays….we looked up a few trips, but Taipei soon became the #1 choice…so two weeks later…there we were, on a plane to Taiwan.

We had a great weekend, one of those vacations where you find yourself saying “what a great trip” out loud multiple times a day….we walked markets, ate street noodles, played carnival games, explored temples and even spent time in the world’s 2nd tallest building…it WAS one of those ‘great trips’ and I can’t wait to go back! xhd