Another family bids farewell…

Its time once again for our little community of Alabang to say goodbye to another great family. Corrie & John are packing up their kids, the house and the two years of memories made in the Philippines and headed back home to the land of the stars & stripes. They are lucky enough to be moving back home to Texas where I know plenty of friends and family are excited to welcome them with open arms.

I met Corrie & John a few years back at ALIG’s annual charity ball…it was Carnival themed, so lots of feathers, sequin and samba set the stage for us to mingle and get to know new faces. Corrie was interested in getting information on doing a shoot, and I promised her I’d send my packages along…only to find out she happened to be the winner of a photo shoot I donated for the night! So I considered it meant to be.

Safe travels guys!


I guess we weren’t as clear with the instructions as we thought…the kids both thought we were done jumping UP and that it was time to jump in the pool : )