She has arrived

I realize its been far too long since I’ve posted photos…but I’ve had the pregnancy to blame that on…:) We finally welcomed our little girl to this big wonderful world!! Our little baby is now three weeks old, and I cannot believe how fast that time has gone.

We were so lucky that my mother was able to come out to the Philippines for the birth and to help us become accustomed to parenthood…and I must admit, its been a smoother transition (minus the sleep deprivation) then I could ever have imagined. When people told us that one day she would be here and it would feel like she had always been there, I thought that it was a nice sentiment, but didn’t quite believe them…but that is exactly what it has been like. Having the special time with my mom has also been something I underestimated. Though she was only able to be here a few (way too) short weeks, she was exactly the extra support I needed, and I will be forever grateful that she came to be with us…though I also know, that I probably couldn’t have kept her away :) Aubrey and her “Nana” became fast friends, and both graciously agreed to pose for me so that I can remember her at this precious age, and so she can look back and have these photos of her and Grandma many years to come.

Looking forward to taking oodles and oodles of photos of this baby girl in the future, and hopefully having the dicipline to pst at least some of them :)