Easter Time!

My alarm went off about 19 times this morning…at 5 minute intervals no less. I kept thinking that surely with each extra 4.9 minutes I could somehow stave off the slight headache and guilt from my “low-key” Girls Night Out….the one where somehow a drink at dinner turned into a bottle of wine with a three beer chaser. I swear, this time its for real, I’ll just never drink again.

All of this wouldn’t have made me feel quite as terrible if I hadn’t made up my mind to be up and at ’em this morning to take part in a charity event run by a friend in ALIG, the ladies group to which I belong here in our area. The charities committee is extremely dedicated and I have left the last few events feeling ashamed that I haven’t carved out the time in my “very” busy day to do more. I made a resolution for 2012 to help out more, so I staying in bed was just not in the cards for me today.

…and I made the absolute best decision. I joined some of the ladies today in visiting Pacita, which is a residential location for homeless children, mostly girls aged 8-18. Today was declared “Pacita Fun Day”, as is one Saturday a month, but this one was special….its Easter. And we’re in the Philippines.

We arrived with face paint, stickers, snacks, books, games, and eggs. Lots-o-eggs. The girls and boys couldn’t get enough of the stations where they participated in the activities or of posing for the camera, so in turn I couldn’t get enough pictures. A personal highlight was introducing the marshmellow-eating game “Chubby Bunny”…which of course inspires a chuckle from even the most stern. The day was a great time, probably more for me then any of the children in fact…so it looks as though I have a few Saturdays booked in the future…and a great excuse to stay home on a Friday night now that I think about it : )